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Janice: Hello Jocelyn. We'll spend a little time together. Nice opportunity, since you are rare on the media.  My first question is: is it a will on your part, do you hide?


Jocelyn: Not at all. In fact my team and I are negotiating with a Canadian photographer,  A session for a series of photos. These will be published on the net and on some fanzines like your soon.  I was waiting to find the photographer who seemed to me ideal with the Spirit-World, quite simply.


Janice: Good. Let's talk about upcoming releases. Wizröz,  Your fourteenth album will be distributed on about 250 platforms around the world, accompanied by the release of Niltaahk volume 1, Niltaahk volume 2 and Trisölogia,   Respectively your thirteenth, twelfth and ninth albums. Is there a specific reason to publish these albums at the same time?


Jocelyn: These three opus, Wizröz,  Niltaahk and Trisölogia are a trilogy based on the spirit of what I imagine to be our next universal history, from the spiritual point of view. Not religious,  But only philosophical and spiritual. In this case, the era of Aquarius. The only difference is that Wizröz is more focused on numerology, or what is called the enemagram.  


Janice Without going into the details of the subject of the enneagram,  What I have learned is that it is a system of characterology that combines the psychology and the spiritual side of each human.  There are nine profiles with subtypes defining a character trait, its strengths, its points of weakness. There are paths to take to evolve.  Those to dodge to avoid regression. Each individual on earth corresponds to a type with its subtype. This system is used by NLP therapists, or in psychology. With Wizröz,  You wanted to represent this diagram on thirteen titles, am I correct? :


Jocelyn Your comment summarizes well what I tried to do.  In fact Wizröz is the story of a girl who looks at herself through a mirror and does not see her reflection. What she sees in this mirror is the silhouette of a character, not really a man,  Nor really woman who invites him to cross the object. She must find herself. She does so and encounters different individuals corresponding to a specific type of the chart of the enemagram.  All virtuous qualities but also all the defects of man are represented there. She will eventually find herself at the bottom of a corridor where a door opens onto a world called Wizröz.  When she comes out of the mirror and looks at it, she sees herself again. Here is the story.


Janice: I know.  With such stories we are far from dear love stories to singers and singers of variety. Besides, what do you think of the latter? Especially in France, since you are French.  Your albums sell well enough but not compare to those of the artists of the French song. Does it irritate you?


Jocelyn I have no worries about this world of variety.  We do not do the same work, nor are we on the same floor. They are there to entertain, sometimes to make the listeners think.  It is normal that they sell much more than the so-called listening music.  I do not think that a group like Magma or musicians like Yochk'O Seffer or the late Jacques Thollot had sales figures comparable to those of great artists of the variety , The French pop of the techno or Rapp. The world is done this way. When there is an effort to be made on a film, a music or a literary work, there are fewer applicants to stick to it.  The phenomenon was so in the 1970s, that continues. I am distant from the wave of buzz. I do my work quietly,  I trace my road without looking to the right or left. And I have a good team for that.


Janice: Right. I know Nina Stevens and Shally Yakus well. The first is American,  The second is an English girl from South Africa. How to organize a marketing and business point your business. Especially since 2013 with the album Trisölogia,  Since the new team dates from that time.


Jocelyn: Nina supervises and takes care of all financial and marketing. She has developed over a period of ten years,  An alternative sponsorship and partnership network. Apart from the You tube, Google or Face book that does not match us.  This one is perfect for artists producing mainstream musical works. But Nina focused on companies based solely on alternative activities.  Our financial mass is less important but sufficient to feed the production and distribution of each album, without worrying about creating a buzz or commercial excitement.  Our views on YouTube are low but this has no impact on our sales. There are artists who display thousands of views and who sell very little.  There is the inside and the outside of what we see. Nina and her deputy Ruth Jenkins work in the interior.


Janice: With the production,  There is also publishing with Rosebell laboratory in Australia and management with Nicetone-Neeting in Ramsgate (Great Britain) and Los Angeles (U.S.A).  You have the three production tools needed to be independent. You wanted to get there?


Jocelyn: Yes. I had no choice.  No label could have satisfactorily dealt with the production of this musical style. I must confess that I have no confidence in the leaders of production houses.  Neither the Independents nor the Majors.


Janice: Among the new musicians of your two groups, The Family Experience and The Electric Dedication there is guitarist Michaël L. Melrose.  Should I see a relationship with the director of Nicetone-Neeting Helen J. Melrose who is English?


Jocelyn: They're cousins. Helen introduced me to her in 2015.  We got along very well. I offered him the adventure on Wizröz, he agreed. I do not see him, he lives in Australia.


Janice: Do you still have a thought for your old guitarist? Orpheus-Kaďgua, Patrick Hachi, with whom you got along?


Jocelyn: Yes.  I not only enjoyed working with him, but I liked his reflections on life in general. Patrick understands a lot. Musically he understood everything.  I suppose he does not appreciate everything I do now, but I know that unlike many other people I worked with at the same time,  That he still understands my music. Others like some of my former choristers dropped out. This is a normal path.  There is always a difference between the creator of a work and those who are only interpreters. Like the public, sometimes they cling, sometimes they drop out. The background is the same.  I always work for the era of Aquarius but the form is different.


Janice: I understand. Still no concerts in sight?


Jocelyn: Not at the moment. It will come.


Janice: Good.  Outside the United States, England, Australia, Canada and Germany, France remains a concern for you.  There is a discrepancy between the musical offer offered to the French which goes from rap, to techno,  From variety to pop or rock? Did Nina plan something to improve sales for Wizröz?


Jocelyn: Actually,  Only concerts offer the best way to commercialize this music.  It is also necessary to find the right networks capable of accommodating a formation of twelve musicians playing a singular style. Nina works on it.  We are considering with one of our alternative partners the creation of a network of diffusion on the net. But I can not tell you anything more.


Janice: There are a lot of people on these 4 albums. What do these musicians do between sessions of recordings,  Since you are not doing any concert yet?


Jocelyn: They all have ancillary activities. Professorship for bassist and guitarist.  From the postsynchronization for the cinema to the brass, from the theater to the singers. Moreover, they all live quite far from each other. Canada, United States, England and South Africa.  Nina takes charge of bringing them together, planning their trips, accommodations with food, and awarding them their salaries. We are like a film production,  People meet or meet. Then everyone goes home. Nina worked for television and cinema before. She adapted her method to ours.


Janice: And for the lovely blonde Shally Yakus, the drummer,  Who is a co-producer What is his role with you?


Jocelyn: She wanted to invest more in the color of the next albums. She has a degree in sound engineering.  Obviously I accepted. She is a very professional help.


Janice: Of course. I think you're already thinking about the fifteenth album.  A project focused on the use of a Stick Bass which will be played by your bassist Don Meredith.  In a few lines can you explain what a Stick Bass is?


Jocelyn This electrified instrument is a derivative of a guitar.  It was invented and designed by an American jazz guitarist named Emmett Chapman, California in the year 1969. This instrument is played in a vertical position, has 8,  10 or 12 strings separated in lower part and melodic part. The two parts are played in picking, and can be amplified separately.  The best representatives of this wonderful stick are in others: Alfonso Johnson, Tony Levin or in France Bernard Pagano ti on his solo albums.  Don and I have agreed to put forward this Chapman Stick on the next album. But I will not say more.


Janice: You especially wanted to thank the American state of Illinois and the Ukrainians for their presence on the sites of the Sirius-Neeting multimedia group on the net.


Jocelyn: Yes. Between 80 and 110 countries have visited the sites of,, and other sites like Gracewood or Seelook.  We are very grateful for that. I specifically wanted to send my greetings to visitors from the state of Illinois, USA. And to the Internet users of Ukraine who are faithful to us.  Thoughts to you, and that live music and freedom.



Janice: Good thing and happy thought. Thank you for that moment. Obviously we will meet again soon.  Good luck to your team and yourself, good luck to Spirit World music.


Jocelyn: Thank you Janice, and see you soon.



Janice Cooper. People say.  Interview by phone: June, 30th 2017

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